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Colour Motion+

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Colour+ Shine+ Strength

Wella Professionals Colour Motion+ Range

Up to 8 weeks colour protection when using Structure Mask

Stronger hair from root to tip when using Structure Mask vs no treatment

Coloured hair is more susceptible to external influences such as washing, styling and external influences (UV rays, wind, pollution) all causing stress to sensitised coloured hair fibres. The condition of coloured hair evolves week after week and the overall condition of coloured hair is affected: Colour intensity : Colour molecules fade

Shine: Hair starts to look dull

Hair strength: Hair resilience and smoothness decreases

Regular use of ColorMotion+ care regime improves coloured hair quality in three areas that are specifically important for coloured hair.

*Colour Protection: It provides up to 8 weeks colour protection (when using Structure Mask)

*Vibrant Shine: Helps to remove mineral impurities and enables better light reflection ( when using Color Reflection Conditioner vs untreated)

*Stronger Hair: With WellaPlex bonding agent. For stronger hair (when using Structure + Mask vs. no treatment)

Colour Protection: Free radicals protection technology Encapsulates metals, reducing the formation of free radicals that are responsible for colour fading.

Vibrant Shine: Hair surface polisher, Smoothing the hair cuticles for improved shine and manageability*vs no treatment

Stronger Hair: With WellaPlex bonding agent For stronger hair.*when using Structure+ Mask vs. no treatment

Colour Protection Shampoo: Colour protection shampoo helps lock in colour while preserving hair’s smoothness and shine. Additional anti-oxidant to improve protection against free radicals (suitable for daily use)

Moisturizing Colour Reflection Conditioner: Frequent use helps restore hair surface quality for vibrant shine (frequent use) Colormotion+Structure+Mask: With WellaPlex bonding agent, intensive Restructuring Mask For Coloured Hair, provides strengthened hair structure, shine and lasting manageability (to be used every 1-2 weeks)

For at home care after WellaPlex service, it is recommended to use either WellaPlex No3 Hair Stabiliser or ColorMotion+ Structure+ Mask weekly. Both treatments reconstruct inner hair bonds and help to keep hair strong, smooth and soft. ColorMotion+ shampoo and conditioner are ideal for daily use. For further information or if you would like to purchase you can take a look at my online shop or call 07730352501

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