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Fusion Hair Recovery

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Wella Professionals Fusion Hair Recovery The Fusion Hair Recovery care collection for damaged hair is designed to repair and protect the hair against breakage and damages. The formula is designed with the silksteel fusion program, inspired by spider silk, one of the strongest fibres in nature. It penetrates deep down the cortex and instantly recovers hair fibre and help to prevent future hair breakage. Even the most damaged hair feel renewed, smooth, elastic and resilient against breakage.

The Fusion Hair Recovery Collection consists of; *Fusion Shampoo: Inspired by spider silk, one of nature’s strongest fibre, this delicate shampoo for damaged hair will help to repair your hair and will leave it clean and cared. The shampoo’s EDDS technology removes metallic impurities through antioxidant action. *Fusion Conditioner: A rich conditioner which targets damaged hair in need of nurture. The conditioner boasts Wella’s ‘Silk steel Fusion’ programme, which utilises Silk Amino Acids to repair and protect hair against breakage and damage. Inspired by resilient spider silk, one of the strongest fibres in nature, the formula seeks to restore strength to locks by penetrating deep into each strand. The conditioner leaves hair manageable, smooth and resilient and is visibly healthy and renewed. *Intense Repair Mask: A luxurious creamy mask for damaged hair helps repair and protect against breakage. Apply this mask for 5 minutes. The mask contains intensely conditioning ingredients and amino acids. *The Fusion Amino Refiller: A salon exclusive treatment for damaged hair. Created to make the hair more resilient, this treatment penetrates down to the cortex, refilling it with amino acids.

For further information or if you would like to purchase take a look at my online shop or call 07730352501

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