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WELLAPLEX is a hair bond builder with opti pH system that reconstructs the hair bonds for stronger hair.

OPTI pH SYSTEM enables optimal penetration of lifting & dye molecules for perfect colour and lightening development, the perfect match for Wella Professionals lighteners and colour.
WELLAPLEX with Opti pH System can be used during your hair colour or as a stand-alone treatment. This is the only product we recommend for use with Wella Professionals hair colours & lightening services

WELLAPLEX works to maintain and improve the condition of your hair during the colouring process, ensuring your hair stays strong and healthy.

  • No1 Bond Maker – A professional in-salon product that helps to create bonds within the hair during lightening or colour services

  • No2 Bond Stabilizer – Used after your hair colour service to further strengthen the hair structure and rebalance pH.

  • No3 Hair Stabilizer – Use this at home, once a week, to keep your hair strong, smooth and soft until your next WELLAPLEX treatment.



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